Invitation to the transregional planing meeting on 4 September in Berlin

Sunday, 09/04/2016, 10 - 17 h
Rosa Luxembourg Foundation Berlin
Franz Mehring Platz 1
10243 Berlin

About 800 people joined our first meeting on 10th-12th June in Leipzig. We were many, from many places, from different organizations and initiatives: self-organizations of refugees and migrants, welcome initiatives, left and anti-racist groups, political parties and civil society organizations. After three days of intensive exchange and discussion, we decided in the closing plenary with a broad majority: Welcome2Stay will go on!
We need the exchange, contact and networking between the various initiatives and movements, so we do not become discouraged and unimaginative in the fullness of our everyday tasks, so we experience practically that we are many and that the broad social movement of solidarity actually exists.
But we want more: we want to overcome our speechlessness and play our part in ensuring that racist agitation, the constant tightening of asylum law and the murderous racist policy does not remain unchallenged. We don’t stop with accompanying assistance and practical solidarity but also develop public opposition and resistance.
The fundamental points of our further cooperation: Against the policy of isolation, the shameful agreement for refugee defense, the deportations and an absurd asylum procedure, and we claim the right of all people to go, to come and to stay all over the world and however they want.
We want to oppose the politics of division, deprivation of rights, of austerity and welfare cuts with the principle of equal, comprehensive social and political rights to - rights to education, health, housing, social security and political participation for all people who live here, regardless of their origin, their passport and their status.
We aim to develop and concrete these principles at our next meeting end of summer in Berlin. On Friday, 02:09 the Blockupy Alliance calls to protest against European austerity before the Labor Department in Berlin. And on Saturday, 03:09. the transregional demonstration “Stand up against racism”/”Austehen gegen Rassismus” will take place.
On Sunday, 04:09. we want to discuss the cooperation and political perspectives in Welcome2Stay together.

Proposal for the order of the day

10:00 Welcome and brief history

11:00 Working Groups
- Networking and organizing (What type of organization is useful - exchange of existing local and national networking initiatives, experiences and developing common perspectives)
- Substantive and strategic basis (How could our common political program look like? Which points do we oppose in the current social developments and how do we formulate this?)
-Actions and campaigns (How do we make the activites of solidarity and anti-racist activism visible?)

13:00 Lunch break

14:00 World Cafe - discussion about our next projects and our future working-mode in changing small rounds

15:30 Closing Plenary

17:00 End

Demands, Contributions, Registration at:

We are looking forward to see you!