Friday, 10 June 2016

From 16.00



Panel I:
The Century of Migration – Escape, borders, the “welcome culture” and the political shift to the right in Europe

We will begin our encounter with a panoramic look at the century of migration: societal debates of the 21st century and discussions about how we will live together in the future are increasingly determined by questions of migration, escape, the border regime, hospitality, and the right-wing mobilization. While in this setting the conservative mainstream constantly marks migrants and refugees directly or indirectly as a problem against which society must either choose to protect itself or to “integrate,” at the launch of Welcome2Stay we will turn this perspective on its head. The movements of migration place the specifically western view of the world in question. And this is no new phenomenon. Our aim is to allow refugees, migrants, solidarity initiatives and politically engaged persons to talk with one another and to explore the question together as to how a political actor and a social force could emerge and grow that are capable of taking a stand against both the neoliberal social austerity and the right-wing campaign of anxiety and fear. In the streets, in the shelters, and in many places, practical efforts can be found to make a good life possible for all. But this will only be comprehensive and encompass all of society when a break is made with both the unsocial politics of cuts and the undemocratic, authoritarian European crisis management. – And not least with a radical questioning of western-national self-understanding and modes of life.

With: N.N. (Welcome2stay) - Manuela Bojadzijev (Leuphana Universität Lüneburg) – Nasim Lomani (Diktyo / Hotel City Plaza Athens) - Tanja van de Loo (Recht auf Stadt – never mind the papers, Hamburg) – Turgay Ulu (Author, O-Platz Berlin Refugee Movement, invited) - Moderation: Juliane Nagel (LinXXnet Sachsen)

21:00–open end

Dinner and evening program

Saturday, 11 June 2016


Opening address: What do we want, what’s next, and why Welcome2Stay?


Workshops I: Fleeing, Causes of Fleeing and Fleeing Routes

  • Causes of Fleeing: War, Trade Policy, Theft of Ressources
    With Attac-AG Globalisation and Migration, Institute for socio-ecological Economy Research
  • A Practical Approach to Climate Justice: Fighting Coal Power Plants and other Causes of Fleeing
    With Ende Gelände, Attac-AG Energy, Climate, Environment
  • Europe as a Site of Fleeing: Sharing Experiences of European Fleeing Routes the Project »Trains of Hope«
    With Refugee Support Tour Calais, Refugee Support Tour Balkan Route, Founders of the Initiative »Trains of Hope«, Greece Solidarity Committee, Attac and Moving Europe
  • Tougher Asylum Law / The Hearing Decides
    Presentation on the Toughening of Asylum Law and Legal Consultation for Hearings at the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees
    With Lawyers from Dresden
  • Queer refugees
    With Rosalinde (Support project for queer refugees in Leipzig)
  • Refugee Radio Network
    Radio in times of emergency and disaster
  • Opposing Deportation Together
    With Antira-AG, Lampedusa Hanau, AHA Büren (invited)
  • On the Reorganisation of the European Border Regime
    With Medico International, City Plaza Athen, Mario Neumann, Sandro Mezzadra (EuroNomade),
  • We make sure people are welcomed – and politics makes sure that no-one comes?
    With Heike Hänsel (MdB DIE LINKE), Frank Tempel (MdB DIE LINKE), Karl Kopp (Pro Asyl), N.N. (Moabit Hilft), N.N. (activist from German networks in refugee politics) – organised by the Parliamentary Party Faction DIE LINKE




Panel II:
Refugees Welcome – Autonomy of migration and the movement of welcoming

Panel II traces migration movements and reports on the struggles “along the way,” which continue in the conditions of arrival. In the contributions, which will report on escape, travel, suffering, and determination, it becomes clear that migration has neither a starting nor an ending point, that being-here and being-on-the-way often do not differ and that the struggle for one’s own life, for dignity and rights cannot be conceived along national borders. Instead, and much more, borders move with people, they suddenly appear, running right through society and making evident which challenges migration poses for normative orders. The dynamic of different fates, of various paths and struggles, in Morocco and on Lesbos, in Jordan and Germany, is traced here in first-hand reports of experience and practice, not least raising the question of political solidarity.

With: Sandro Mezzadra (EuroNomade), Ulrike Hamann (Berliner Institut für empirische Integrations-und Migrationsforschung BIM), Elias Perabo (Adopt a Revolution), Miriam Edding (Watch the Med), Tresor (Voix des migrants), Diana Henniges (Moabit hilft!), Diva Maguy (Gladt e.V., invited), Robert Misik (Author and video blogger, Vienna) Moderation: Massimo Perinelli


Workshops II: Solidarity, Aid, Volunteering

  • »Because you’re also a worker?« – Labour, Unions, Organisation
    With MigraR DGB/Ver.di, Union4Refugees Ver.di
  • Refugee Aid as a political statement?
    With Solizentrum “Walli” Lübeck
  • Solidarity at the helm? Within a tense field – Experiences with left-wing provincial governments and aid for refugees
    With Sabine Berninger (DIE LINKE Thüringen), N.N. (Flüchtlingsrat Thüringen, invited), Astrid Rothe-Beinlich (Die Grüne Thüringen)
  • A city for everyone!
    With the Interventionistische Linke (Interventionist Left) and Sanctuary Cities Berlin
  • Contemporary Antiziganism and its History
    With Initiative Geschichte (Initiative History)
  • Cities need people need space. Social centres as a movement for all
    By Social Center 4 All (SC4A) Leipzig, with Hasi Halle, Solizentrum (Walli) Lübeck, invited: OM10 Göttingen, Project Shelter Frankfurt/Main und SC4A Berlin
  • Antiracism in solidarity work
    With Glokal e. V., ISD e. V. (Initiative Black People in Germany)
  • The current situation and concepts of accommodation for refugees, with the example of Leipzig
    With Stadt für alle Leipzig (City for everyone Leipzig) and Initiativkreis Menschenwürdig (Initiative Circle Human Dignity)
  • Racist mobilisation in the commune: What can we do?
    With Kulturbüro Sachsen
  • A right to health? The current situation for refugees in Germany and health
    With Women in Exile, IL Berlin Intersol-AG
  • For a societal break with social callousness and racism. Learning from experiences with welcoming and solidarity practices.
    Organised by the Parliamentary Party Faction DIE LINKE. With Petra Sitte, MdB DIE LINKE (Moderation),Tina Fritsche, Hamburg Media School / RWKaro/ Khaled Almaani, Übersetzer/Pädagogischer Betreuer Hamburg, Theo Christiansen, Kirche Hamburg-Ost


Workshops III: Social Rights, Antiracism and Politics

  • Communal social politics in times of austerity and fleeing
    With Willkommen in Lichtenberg (Welcome to Lichtenberg), Susanna Karawanskij DIE LINKE Sachsen, Attac AG Kommunen
  • Empowerment for refugees
    With FIBB (Flüchtlingsinitiative Berlin-Brandenburg)
  • Introducing the Initiative “Züge der Hoffnung” (“Trains of Hope”)
    By the founders of the initiative “Züge der Hoffnung”, Greece Solidarity Committee, Attac
  • Education, critical pedagogy and intercultural knowledge
    With InterKultur Delitzsch e.V., StreetUniverCity Berlin e.V. (invited), Interkunst e.V. (invited)
  • What can we do against the return of the right?
    With Antifa klein-Paris Leipzig, Aufstehen gegen Rassismus (Rise Up Against Racism), Nationalismus ist keine Alternative (Nationalism is not an Alternative) (Frankfurt/Köln)
  • Alternatives to the EU politics of isolation and partition
    With Institut für sozial-ökologische Wirtschaftsforschung (Institute for Socio-Ecological Economy Research), TOP B3rlin (invited)
  • How do we want to live together in the future?
    With Ökumenische Initiative Eine Welt (Ecumenical Initiative One World)
  • No Stress-Tour 2016. Music, Sports, Education, Exchange in Refugee Camps.
    With CISPM Allemagne
  • And have we learnt nothing? Waves of racist violence from the 1990s to now and the response of the police and justice system
    With Martina Renner, MdB DIE LINKE, David Begrich (Miteinander e.V., Sachsen-Anhalt), Kati Lang RAV/MBR Sachsen, N.N. Initiative Keupstraße, Bruno Watara, Berlin. Organised by the Parliamentary Party Faction DIE LINKE
  • For a societal break with social callousness and racism.
    A talk with • Katja Kipping, MdB DIE LINKE, Christos Giovonopoulos Solidarity4All Griechendland, Lars Doneith, Union4Refugees, Ver.di,  • N.N. Berlin für Alle, Moderation Caren Lay, MdB DIE LINKE. Organised by the Parliamentary Party Faction DIE LINKE
  • Building networks for our movements and initiativges: why? how? with whom?
    Developing suggestions for the final assembly. With preparatory committee Welcome2Stay


Panel III:
What society do we want to live in? – From welcoming to staying

This evening, we want to focus on the relation of solidarity, assistance, and politics, and from here search for a form of a societal vision – and a political answer to the right-wing shift and the restoration of the border and migration regime. The people who came to Europe last summer and those who have welcomed them: all this changed society and poses questions to they ways in which we live together. This is not least about translating the paradigm of solidarity into concrete politics – so that being welcome becomes a social right and assistance turns into equality. Does solidarity need to become politics or are both necessary? What is the role of left politics? What was done wrongly or rightly? Is it about a political representation of the movement, a disbanding? Or is the task to develop an independent political force from commonality? How can we create a productive debate of questions of global social and political rights, social infrastructure, and equality against the backdrop of global inequality? How can we reasonably politicize the global situation in local, national and European frames – beyond general spaces? What is the influence of the now once again closed borders on questions of arriving and staying? How can a left program develop a binding and mobilizing force in this context?

With Katja Maurer (Medico International), Christos Giovanopoulos (Solidarity4All Griechendland) – Garip Bali (Allmende, self-organised migrant group Berlin) - Monika Mokre (Refugee Protest Camp Vienna) - Katja Kipping  MdB DIE LINKE, Moderation: Silke Veth

21:00–open end

»Lange Nacht der Visionen« (»Long Night of Visions«)

The long night of visions is concerned with a future whose past we are presently embodying. An oracle poses six decisive questions for all of us gathered here to answer. Between political analysis, spontaneous flashes of insight and clairvoyant abilities, fragments of sound emerge that come together to form a vision of a future society to be realised.

Sunday, 12.6.2016


Final assembly: Visions, Networking, Political Perspectives – What Are We Doing?
How can our practices, conflicts and demands become productive of a wider societal engagement? How do we collectively organise a publicly effective resistance to social exclusion and racist partitioning? Which concrete steps, meetings and timelines are necessary? We would like to end our gathering by discussing these questions and others, for new initiatives to be established, for us to continue to work together. We don’t want to establish a new group in the sense of an overarching bureaucratic structure, rather we want to initiate a process that can be taken up and advanced by as many people as possible and that can give birth to an important and decisive movement.



Other matters:

  • Open Space for spontaneous workshops and discussions, cultural program, information stands, book stalls, exhibitions
  • Free legal advice - Refugee Law Clinic Hamburg and Leipzig
  • Kongress-Radio by Refugee Radio Network
  • Exhibitions
    »The secret deaths – victims of right-wing violence in Leipzig« (Racissmus tötet! – Racism kills!), »A forgotten chapter of history – the third world in World War Two « (3www2), »System Failure – An exhibition on the history and effect of constitutional protection« (Engagierte Wissenschaft – Engaged Science), Photo exhibition of the Leipziger photographer Sylvio Hoffmann on Rojava an the Balkan route, »Take me to Jermany« (Charlott Schmitz), Lampedusa in Hanau
  • Culture
    International Changing Perspectives Short Film Festival (Katadrom Istanbul), Stage for Human Rights »Dialogues on Asylum«, »Lebenslaute Musical Accompaniment«, Reading by Christian Jakob, Film presentation Myescape, „Der Kuaför aus der Keupstraße“
  • Information stands
    Social Center 4 all, Engagiert für Geflüchtete, Amnesty International, WatchTheMed Alarm Phone, union4refugees, ISW – Institut für sozial-ökologische Wirtschaftsforschung (Institute for social-ecologic Economy Research), Refugee Support Tour, mosaik Leipzig, Attac Deutschland, DIE LINKE