Panel II: Refugees Welcome – Autonomy of migration and the movement of welcoming

Panel II traces migration movements and reports on the struggles “along the way,” which continue in the conditions of arrival. In the contributions, which will report on escape, travel, suffering, and determination, it becomes clear that migration has neither a starting nor an ending point, that being-here and being-on-the-way often do not differ and that the struggle for one’s own life, for dignity and rights cannot be conceived along national borders. Instead, and much more, borders move with people, they suddenly appear, running right through society and making evident which challenges migration poses for normative orders. The dynamic of different fates, of various paths and struggles, in Morocco and on Lesbos, in Jordan and Germany, is traced here in first-hand reports of experience and practice, not least raising the question of political solidarity.


With: Sandro Mezzadra (EuroNomade), Ulrike Hamann (invited), Elias Perabo (Adopt a Revolution), Miriam Edding (Watch the Med), Tresor (Voix des migrants), Diana Henniges (Moabit hilft!), Diva Maguy (Gladt e.V., invited), Robert Misik (Author and video blogger, Vienna) Moderation: Massimo Perinelli