19:30–21:00 Panel III: What society do we want to live in? – From welcoming to staying


This evening, we want to focus on the relation of solidarity, assistance, and politics, and from here search for a form of a societal vision – and a political answer to the right-wing shift and the restoration of the border and migration regime. The people who came to Europe last summer and those who have welcomed them: all this changed society and poses questions to they ways in which we live together. This is not least about translating the paradigm of solidarity into concrete politics – so that being welcome becomes a social right and assistance turns into equality. Does solidarity need to become politics or are both necessary? What is the role of left politics? What was done wrongly or rightly? Is it about a political representation of the movement, a disbanding? Or is the task to develop an independent political force from commonality? How can we create a productive debate of questions of global social and political rights, social infrastructure, and equality against the backdrop of global inequality? How can we reasonably politicize the global situation in local, national and European frames – beyond general spaces? What is the influence of the now once again closed borders on questions of arriving and staying? How can a left program develop a binding and mobilizing force in this context?


With Katja Maurer (Medico International), Christos Giovanopoulos (Solidarity4All Griechendland) –Garip Bali (Allmende, self-organised migrant group Berlin), Monika Mokre (Refugee Protest Camp Vienna) - Katja Kipping (MdB DIE LINKE), Moderation: Silke Veth